Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

When it comes to the difference between a frumpy mommy and a Hot Momma, there are six general rules I think every woman should know. Each of these can be a whole series of blogs but for now let’s stick to general and over the next couple of blogs we will explore several from the perspective of dressing your age.… Continue reading

So I am going to interrupt my series on fashion for a small drama in the continuing saga of living with a teenage boy. Please let me warn readers now that there will be graphic content that may be disturbing to your stomach.

I have by now become quite aware of the forgetful power of the teenage boy brain. I… Continue reading

Move from Frumpy Mommy Fashion to Hot Momma

I began my career as a Mary Kay consultant almost 14 years ago with aspirations of one day becoming a work at home mom. Over my almost fourteen years I have noticed a very disturbing phenomenon. I must admit despite my deep desire to be a work at home mom, this phenomenon has had me deeply concerned and deeply afraid… Continue reading

This week I celebrate another anniversary of my 29th birthday. I laughingly started celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday when faced with the fact I was going to turn 30. My age is forever listed as 29 plus. In reality I was not really that apprehensive about turning 30. I mean really my husband is 15 years older than… Continue reading

It’s bitter sweet writing this last post on my kitchen remodel. I am excited that my Temporary Dream Kitchen is complete for now and I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences and lessons learned in the process. From starting the design process, to dealing with budget constraints, triple digit heat and execution of projects; it has definitely been a ride.… Continue reading

As I mentioned in my last post, I was reluctantly keeping my husband’s old table and chair set…again very reluctantly. It just seems wrong to have your husband’s ex-wife and his furniture in his and your new place. But since I had to for the time being, I was absolutely not going to leave them the same. Besides the whole… Continue reading

So when we bought our home there were a few more projects than we had initially planned on and they were way more in costs than what we had initially thought we would need for budget. (So when exactly did paint like double in price…)  So we had to decide what could buy new and what we had to… Continue reading

So when my husband and I were still considering purchasing our home and we walked through, we did not see the broken windows and missing screens. In fact, we missed the following: one broken slider that had one of the panes in one of the panels shattered and missing, garden window with a hole the size of a baseball with… Continue reading

So I have a small confession to make. Replacing my stovetop was never really in my plan for our kitchen upgrade. It was a hope, a dream, but when it came down to numbers, it was too costly for our budget. And since aesthetically it was stainless and black, it did fit in to the overall look I was trying… Continue reading

Kitchen Cleaned – check

Cabinets Painted – check

New Hinges – check

New Handles and Pulls – check

Light – that’s next

So when I started my DIY lighting project in our kitchen, there were things we were just going to accept for now, things we were going to modify and things that just had to go. As far as… Continue reading

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