Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

99 Cent Store Deals

So for the last post on the Budget Savers from the 99 Cent Store, I’m going to be looking at stationary, office, electronics and the miscellaneous that doesn’t really fit into other categories. These can be some of the biggest savers in my mind, especially if you run a home based business and/or have kids in school – school supplies… Continue reading

Continuing on my series on what 99 Cent Store products have saved my budget, I want to focus on household supplies this post. While many items I purchase to maintain my household are only every now and again purchases, they can cost a pretty penny. Others I use far more frequently and I would just as soon spend as little… Continue reading

Through personal trial and error as well as others trial and errors, I have found that you can either get some really good steals and deals that can put more coin back in your pocket. But if you are not smart about your purchases, you could end up paying more with inferior products.

Hygiene and Cleaning Deals and Steals… Continue reading

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