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Living Room Design

Formal Living Room Redesign..Not that long ago I started sharing about my plans for our living room as well as my technique and tips for designing a room. I also shared how we are phasing the living room. And if you have been following the blog, then you are also aware of my on going adventures in upholstery for a couple of chairs… Continue reading

The In Between of a Room Makeover www.wifemomhouseohmy.comBack in June I was excited to share about my upcoming living room makeover. I actually shared it in three posts. The first focused on inspiration, the second on what I look at when designing a room and the third focused on making it feasible financially. Even though I had a plan, we had a several personal hiccups… Continue reading

Here are the details for our living room design.

Here are the details for our living room design.

So I love designing room interiors even if it does mean that I have to pull out the BIG eraser as I try different placements, looks, etc. Designing our living room, keeping in mind that I have a budget (well I will have one even if I’m not sure right… Continue reading

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