Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


Monday Munchies: Grown-Up SnacksSometimes it’s needed. Sometimes you just don’t want fruit cups, chips or popcorn. Sometimes you just need grown-up snacks. That was defintely the case this last Monday. I had the munchies and I wanted grown-up styled snacks. A little gourmet, a little upscale and a little more pretty.

This Monday Munchies called for cristinis, yummy kalamata toasted bread slices, dried… Continue reading

The Stark Raving Mad Scientist that caught my eye

The Stark Raving Mad Scientist that caught my eye

So I absolutely hate to admit this because I thought I was beyond the tricks of marketing. I get the “Medium” size comparison for making the up sale seem like a better buy. I respect the jingle and its effects of memory recall by combining catch phrases with music (by the… Continue reading

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