Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Infinity-Time1You have probably noticed my absence. I’ve noticed my absence! I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed connecting. I’ve missed sharing. But life recently has been “Hurry Up and Wait.” on so many fronts. I initially took a purposeful leave of absence so to speak to tweak a few things. I’d been toying around with some changes that I wanted to make to the blog – you know a girl’s prerogative to change her hair, her makeup, her clothes applies to her blog to. I wanted to give it a face lift and refocus a little on what my voice was. What did I really want to say as my life evolves in these ever changing roles of wife, mom and home owner? I wasn’t planning on being gone long.

But the weirdest things kept happening and most aren’t ever worth mentioning. Suffice to say they were weird. But theme was hurry up and wait. And all of them were keeping me from what I had intended on doing.

My mother’s home that she just purchased after a year of looking had a disaster of a circumstance. The previous owner’s contractor failed to disclose MOLD that he found. He just covered it up. I mean really! But it has created quite a conundrum of entanglements to which I have been personally involved. First of all she is my mom and I would never let her go through it alone but she is also of a wiser age and I really don’t want anyone trying to take advantage of her. Just as an FYI – having mold and trying to hold the previous owner financially accountable (totally not an issue they are at fault) MASSIVE nightmare, MASSIVE time eater.

Apparently mold is not something that inspectors look for and is often not visible and often not covered by insurance. Mental note to self – next home I purchase DEFINITELY having independent air quality control/mold abatement company come to test BEFORE purchasing. Ugh!

But the whole process has been one of hurry up and wait. We could have plans and all of a sudden, they would have to be changed because we had to deal with some issue related to the house. Oh and still not done. *sigh* Again, just weird. Even her realtor who has been in the business for over a decade or so has NEVER had something like this happen.

But it may be God’s perfect timing. There are some things in the works that make this mold situation a blessing in disguise. Will have to see where things land but in all of its frustration (and hair pulling, yeah definitely some hair pulling) there have already been some unreal silver linings. Again, God’s perfect timing.

ea30cca72dfd7bfa18602bf50345ec88More weird stuff kept happening that kept pulling me from what I wanted to do. The latest, which happily does feature some true miracles though we are still in the throws of it, comes from my aunt – my mom’s sister. I am so blessed to work at home and have amazing flexibility in my life. I have been able to be a support to my family, a resource and been able to be by her side most of the last 2 1/2 weeks she has been in the hospital – including one point when we thought we were truly losing her. But again, God’s perfect timing.

She has MS, kidney failure and a rare bone cancer. Despite this she has and continues to have a good quality of life. Its not been easy and it has made for many medical complications. On March 14th she was admitted with a sever bladder infection – were talking 45,000 white blood cell count people! In the course of her treatment, it was discovered that she had kidney blockage in both kidneys and that this was the cause of her infection. The blockage – Kidney Stones that had been there for years!!! Because of her health challenges, the symptoms that she was experiencing that in a healthy person would indicate kidney stones were masked as symptoms of her other illnesses. There was no reason to suspect stones!

Here’s God’s timing – with the stones removed my aunt could gain back kidney function she has not had in years AND better quality of life and so much more. God used what he had to make sure this was diagnosed – putting my aunt in a position she couldn’t refuse care. He gave us an UNREAL AMAZING staff of doctors and nurses that refused to give up on her and kept pushing to find what was wrong. But it took this unique set of weird circumstances to make it happen – trust me they really were weird. She is not out of the hospital yet but she is definitely on the mend!

But again, that’s another hurry up and wait situation. So for now, I ask that you join me. I have not given up on my blog, on this community and very much look forward to sharing the changes and the growth and the excitement of all that I’m up to. But for now, it has to be on hold. Its a hurry up and wait for God’s perfect timing. I know he has something wonderful planned. I just feel it!

Until next post…


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