Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Wedding Day Photography...professionals always make you look better.

Wedding Day Photography…professionals always make you look better.

I would say that it is fairly safe to say whenever we start a new job or take on a new role there is some anxiety, nerves and probably, if we were really honest with ourselves, a little nausea too. I have found this to be the case even when we are excited about the role we are taking on. Its new and unknown…a never been done before. And no matter how well we think we have prepared for it, nothing compares to reality.

Try taking on three at one time. That’s me and my sitch. In October 2013, I became a new wife, a new mom to a teenage boy and a short seven months later a brand new home owner.

I have been a small home based business owner working proudly as one of Mary Kay’s Independent Sales Force for over 15 plus years. I have had the amazing privilege to have worked with women from all walks of life over my tenure and it is truly a love for me to help women. I also worked for many years in the corporate arena running my own department, training staff and working one on one with clients and state organizations. I have a passion for all things DIY, all things creative and an obsession with organization. And while I would say the skills I learned in both my professional and personal ventures are skills I know can be used in my three new roles, nothing could truly prepare me for taking them on and definitely not all at once. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed…and many days I still am.

Something that my parents had taught me a long time ago kept coming to mind; we have no say in what things happen in our lives but we have an absolute say in how we handle it. I would say our life when I was growing up pretty much gave me a crash course and plenty of on the job training to fine tune that particular skill. So to use a truly cowboy phrase, I have decided to face my roles head on and grab the proverbial bull by the horns. I may have never been a wife before or mom to anything more than my cats or dogs or owned my own home and they, who ever they are, always say there is no replacement for experience. But I did have some pretty powerful things on my side.

What I did have was invaluable beyond measure in my mind. I had been taught by a very wise woman that rather than becoming an expert in everything, surround yourself with experts in your areas of weakness and work in your strengths. I have always known I wanted to be a wife, a mom and own a home. So since receiving that sage advice, I have been collecting people per say with what I considered expertise in those areas. I filled my circle of influence with them and listened, questioned, watched and learned, I hope.  Since I had always wanted to be all of these roles I took what they had taught me and developed my own theories and ideas. Time will tell if they actually work.

I have been called the Queen of Organization and say confidently I have mad organization and planning skills (ok…a little on the obsessive compulsive side but I promise you will benefits from my obsession). In fact, I sheepishly admit that I secretly love organizing my closet and coming up with a new more efficient way of doing something is an awesome high. Chaos wastes time that I could be with my family and friends. Organization gives me more time to be with them. My son and husband have already put my organization and planning skills to the test with their crazy schedules.

I came to the arena of owning a fixer upper home armed with my take no prisoner DIY (otherwise called Do Insane Yourself) background and attitude. With very few exceptions, give me a hammer, some mastic, tile or flooring and I will get it done. For the longest time, room demolition and remodeling was my therapy. Bad week at the office…demolish the bathroom and start from scratch. A no sale no new client week with Mary Kay…no problem…I needed hardwood in my bedroom anyways. Though overwhelmed, I am excited and think I have already helped bring new life into our fixer upper.

My blog, I hope, is a sharing of my experiences – past, present and future – wearing all these different hats. I feel confident that there will be rough moments along the way but I promise it will be informative, sometimes a little nutty, but hopefully fun (especially with my DIY whoops!). I am open to advice and would love your sharing your experiences too. I am new to this and while I feel confident that the skills I have will be useful, I do very much believe in the old saying, “A wise woman learns from her mistakes (and successes). A wiser woman learns from others.” I’d always love to hear from you and what has worked and what hasn’t and anything you might change in a situation. I hope you enjoy the ride in this adventure with me…traveling is always more fun with company.


I’d like to take a minute and introduce you to my cohorts in this adventure…my family and since you will see and hear a lot about them on this blog, here are faces.


First, is the main man in my life, my husband, Joe. He is an amazing architect, supporter of my ventures even when he doesn’t quite understand what I am rambling about doing next, my funny bone when mine is broken and definitely one who continues to grow with me as we continue to learn each other and our roles in our new family.

Fun photo of my husband and I from our honeymoon

Fun photo of my husband and I from our honeymoon

The Kid

Next, is my son, Drew. What can I say? He is amazing in so many ways and he is so definitely a teenager! I am so proud of him on so many levels. He takes rigorous course loads, is on the basketball and track teams at school, is a champion fisherman (already placed in multiple fishing tournaments), has an awesome heart and tries my patience and can push my buttons almost daily. I think that later part is written in some manual called “Parents: A Manual on How to Accomplish Your Job as a Teenager to Drive Them Nuts”. All kidding aside, he is a great kid.

My not so little man smashed between us.

My not so little man smashed between us.

The Wise Woman

My mom, Bobbie, is often my cohort in crime for my Doing Insane Yourself (DIY) projects. She is definitely my biggest fan and supporter. She has never said, “I don’t think you can do that?” Often, it is, “Okay. I don’t see it but where do we start?” She is also an unbelievable seamstress and I hope to have her do guest posts. And when I say unbelievable I really mean it. For my wedding she did four full couture bridesmaid gowns, her own couture gown, my aunt’s gown, our good friend’s gown, five amazingly beautiful purses and handkerchiefs for my husband and his groomsmen. Unreal, right? She is so a wealth of information!!

My amazing mother...this is absolutely one of my favorite photos of us

My amazing mother…this is absolutely one of my favorite photos of us

The Fur Babies

My four-legged kids…I have three…two girls and a boy. My Prada, who is nicknamed Prada Princess since, well, she is a Persian cat and thinks she is royalty…they were worshiped once and have never forgotten…is the most loving and cuddly kitty I have ever met. She is also the “snoop-ivisor”. She oversees all my projects and makes sure I am doing them to her level of satisfaction. Odds are she will find her way into a few of my project photos. She was adopted into our family already having the name Prada but she led the way for a naming trend among my other four-legged kids.


Looking past the grumpy face, my little girl really is the sweetest cat.

Looking past the grumpy face, my little girl really is the sweetest cat.

Dolce and Chanel are my little terrors…I mean Yorkie Terriers. Definitely my comedy relief on a daily basis. These two keep me hopping and on my toes. Chanel is my little helper…sometimes a little too much help. She will sit in my lap, or worse on my projects, while her sweet brother Dolce acts as guard dog. Let’s paint this picture…massive 10 inches tall, 17 pounds on a full stomach, afraid of the vacuum, cuddly teddy bear of a Yorkie sits on our stairs and barks in this authoritative guard dog voice to anything that he hears…in reality its more like he is saying, “I’m going to make them think I’m big so they don’t know I’m really a cowardly lion.”  Guarantee you will see both in photos as a result of some major photo bombing by both.

My little yorkies

My little yorkies

That’s our crazy and close knit family.


“Ages of experience have taught humanity that the commitment of a husband and wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society.” — Jack Kingston


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