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32 Affirmations For Kids (With Printable!)

Positive affirmations are short, simple statements that focus on the good. They help to counter negative thoughts and feelings and can reframe the way we see ourselves and the world. Studies have shown that positive affirmations can improve self-esteem, reduce stress, and increase resilience in both children and adults. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your child’s confidence and wellbeing, start with some positive affirmations for kids! Here is the printable list.

Child writing "I am" on paper

How to Use Positive Affirmations with Kids

One of the best things about positive affirmations is that they can be used anywhere, anytime. You can use them at home, at school, or even on the go. Here are a few ideas:

  • Write them down: Help your child pick out a few favorite affirmations and write them down on some index cards or paper. Keep them in a spot where they’ll be seen often, such as on the refrigerator or by their bedside table. Encourage your child to read them aloud every day.
  • Make them into a song or chant: Songs are especially effective for younger children. Choose an affirmation (or several) and create a chant or song around it. Sing it together whenever you need a pick-me-up!
  • Record them: Older kids may prefer to record themselves saying their affirmations. They can listen back to the recording whenever they need a confidence boost.
  • Act them out: Affirmations are also great for pretending and role-playing. Act out scenarios in which your child gets to practice using their positive affirmation(s). For example, if your child is working on overcoming anxiety about starting school, have them pretend to be the teacher welcoming a new student (themselves) into class with a smile and a kind word. 
Cards that say "I am" next to blank notebook

>> Printable Affirmations For Kids <<

32 Positive Affirmations For Kids

1. I am capable and strong

Remind your child of their capability and strength to take on the world!

2. I am loved

Reinforce that no matter what, your child is always deeply loved by you.

3. I can do anything I set my mind to

Encourage your child to strive for whatever goals they set for themselves.

4. I am enough

Remind your child that they are complete and worthy just as they are, without needing to prove themselves or achieve something.

5. I have the power to make my own choices

Help your child recognize the autonomy they possess and the ability to make their own choices in life.

6. I am valuable

Help your child to understand the importance and worth they hold.

7. I can handle any challenge that comes my way

Equip your child with the courage and strength to take on new challenges.

8. I create my own happiness

Empower your child to recognize that their wellbeing is in their own hands and that they can create happiness for themselves.

9. I believe in myself

Reinforce your child’s self-confidence and trust in their own abilities.

10. I am brave

Help your child to tap into and recognize the courage they possess within them.

11. I take care of my body

Encourage your child to practice healthy habits and take care of their physical and mental health.

12. I am capable of learning new things

Impart in your child the understanding that they are able to learn, grow, and develop new skills each day.

13. I can make a difference

Inspire your child to strive towards contributing positively to the world around them as much as possible.

14. I am unique

Remind your child that their uniqueness is something to be celebrated and embraced.

15. I can let go of fear

Help your child see the power of releasing fear from their life, and equip them with the strength and courage to do so.

16. I am resilient

Reinforce the understanding that no matter how tough times get, they have the internal strength to overcome any obstacles in their way.

Child on swing

17. My voice matters

Encourage your child to speak up for themselves and use their voice as a tool for positive change in the world.

18. I love myself

Remind your child to practice self-compassion and show kindness towards themselves always.

19. I forgive myself

Help your child recognize the power of self-forgiveness and that it is okay to make mistakes.

20. I can find joy in little moments

Inspire your child to be aware of and appreciate all the minor acts of beauty in life, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

21. I am creative

Remind your child that their imagination and creativity are a source of strength, not something to hide away or be ashamed of.

22. I choose kindness

Encourage your child to always strive towards being kind with their words and actions.

23. I believe in my dreams

Equip your child with courage and enthusiasm as they work towards achieving their goals and dreams.

24. My thoughts have power

Help your child to recognize the power of their thoughts, and to strive towards cultivating positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

25. I can ask for help

Remind your child that it is okay to not have all the answers or know everything, and encourage them to reach out for support when needed.

26. I am powerful

Reinforce your child’s understanding of their own inner strength and power they possess within themselves.

27. I trust my intuition

Instill in your child the importance of trusting their intuition above anything else, regardless of what anyone else says or believes.

28. I am important

Help your child recognize how valuable they are to this world, and that each individual is important in their own unique way.

29. I am growing

Remind your child that growth and personal development is an ongoing process, one that should be embraced rather than feared or avoided.

Child with backpack on opening door

30. I am worthy of love

Encourage your child to open up their heart to the acceptance and love they deserve from themselves and the people around them.

31. I can learn from my mistakes

Instill in your child the understanding that mistakes are a part of life, but it is how we learn and grow from them that matters most.

32. My dreams are possible

Help your child recognize the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance when it comes to achieving success and reaching their goals in life.

Affirmations are a powerful tool that can help children reframe negative thoughts and cultivate positive self-beliefs. By using affirmations at home, at school, or on the go, you can help your child boost their confidence and wellbeing!