Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


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So when my husband and I were still considering purchasing our home and we walked through, we did not see the broken windows and missing screens. In fact, we missed the following: one broken slider that had one of the panes in one of the panels shattered and missing, garden window with a hole the size of a baseball with… Continue reading

So I have a small confession to make. Replacing my stovetop was never really in my plan for our kitchen upgrade. It was a hope, a dream, but when it came down to numbers, it was too costly for our budget. And since aesthetically it was stainless and black, it did fit in to the overall look I was trying… Continue reading

Kitchen Cleaned – check

Cabinets Painted – check

New Hinges – check

New Handles and Pulls – check

Light – that’s next

So when I started my DIY lighting project in our kitchen, there were things we were just going to accept for now, things we were going to modify and things that just had to go. As far as… Continue reading

So once my cabinets were painted there was only one obvious next step…the hardware. When I first started, I wasn’t really concerned with time so I had this idea on how to deal with the hardware. BUT as my cabinets rapidly started taking vast more amount of time than I planned, my idea, which was work intensive, started to wear… Continue reading

DIY PAinting Cabinets Don't Panic Sign

Don’t Panic…you too can do DIY Cabinet Refinishing and Paint your Cabinets

So after my DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets, I definitely have some things I learned, things I would do again and things I would stay far away from. I know the task can be daunting but above all else…Don’t Panic. It is doable. Here are my Dos and Don’ts… Continue reading

Cabinets…well…I think this is where I got my acronym for DIY, otherwise known as Doing the Insane Yourself. So I had this brilliant idea that I could refinish my cabinets myself and that it would: a) be easy and b) be done in a week…the best laid plans…

Post Cleaning...(The Before)

Post Cleaning…(The Before)

So here is how my cabinet adventure started…I did… Continue reading

Every project has a beginning and in my mind the beginning always starts with an idea or as I prefer Inspiration. Inspiration is always followed by planning. However, in the case of my kitchen, my temporary dream kitchen started with desperation rather than inspiration. But with some help from my favorite design show, I stepped up to the bar and… Continue reading

When I was growing up, I was raised by two really good cooks, both trained in one way or another. My mom is a self diagnosed kitchen snob and she raised me with a healthy appreciation for kitchens. She is even training now in gourmet cooking and her kitchen guru status has grown even more. Anything I want to know… Continue reading

Okay so when we bought our home we had no clue, zero, that we were going to be living on an ant farm! One short month of clean up helped us find out really fast but they were, other than the random little ant that snuck in, outside. As much as I didn’t like them, they were tolerable. Then we… Continue reading

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