Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?


A Little Inspiration Handling the Insane While Staying SaneI know many people can say the same but it seems for the last year and half my life has been busy, unreal busy and drama filled. Just to give you a peek into my little drama filled busy world in a three week period I have had three immediate family members – husband, stepson, mom – go through four… Continue reading

I have learned that things come in threes. Perhaps it is the old rule of three – that which you put into the world comes back to you in three fold – or perhaps Murphy and his laws. But whatever the cause, I find whenever a challenge comes my way, it is always in threes. And this last week that… Continue reading

IRS Telephone Impersonation Scam www.wifemomhouseohmy.comSo I have to say I am one that does not scare easily. But when you get a phone call with a very aggressive, threatening recorded voicemail from the IRS, more than a little apprehension shoots through your body in the moment they say tax evasion and local authorities to arrest you. This happened to me this morning. In that… Continue reading

It’s the bewitching hour, where all the ghost, goblins and ghouls come out and play. I hope you and your own little ghouls are filled with the festivity and the fun of the season. However you choose to celebrate this haunting season, trick or treating, handing out candy or partying, I hope it is filled with fun, joy and love.

Happy Halloween www.wifemomhouseohmy.com

The Stark Raving Mad Scientist that caught my eye

The Stark Raving Mad Scientist that caught my eye

So I absolutely hate to admit this because I thought I was beyond the tricks of marketing. I get the “Medium” size comparison for making the up sale seem like a better buy. I respect the jingle and its effects of memory recall by combining catch phrases with music (by the… Continue reading

Bug Me ListSo my “Bug Me List” has become even more pressing to get many of the items complete. My mother is in the process of selling her home and the funny market of California means that her house may very likely sell before she finds a new one to purchase. So returning the kindness and love she showed us in letting… Continue reading

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