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16 Consumable and Clutter-Free Gifts For Kids

Buying gifts for kids can be tricky. Whether it’s their birthday, the holidays, or just because – picking out something they’ll love is not always easy. Not to mention the fact that most children’s belongings seem to pile up quickly! That’s why consumable gifts are often a great choice for kids. They offer all the joy of a present without creating more clutter in the house.

Gift for child

Not only do these types of gifts often have much longer-lasting effects, but they won’t take up valuable space in your child’s toy box. It can be difficult to organize a house with toddlers. Whether you opt for a day at the movies, tickets to an exhibit, or a subscription to their favorite magazine, these gifts offer experiences they can cherish long after the gift has been enjoyed.

So, what is a consumable gift? A consumable gift is a present that can be used up or consumed in some way, such as tickets to an event, food and drink items, special experiences like trips and classes, or prepaid services. They don’t add to the clutter of everyday life but still offer a memorable experience! Honestly, they’re my favorite type of gift!

These types of gifts are great for kids of any age, as they can be tailored to their interests. For instance, you could give a younger child tickets to an amusement park or zoo and an older child might appreciate a subscription box filled with edible treats.

Consumable gifts are also often more affordable than physical items, so it’s easier to splurge on something special without breaking the bank. So, when you’re looking for a gift that will be remembered and appreciated, consider getting them something they can enjoy now, and not just store away in the closet!

16 consumable gifts for kids that are clutter-free

  • A Subscription to a Kids’ Magazine

A subscription to a kids’ magazine is the perfect gift for a child who loves to read and learn new things. There are many magazines available, so you can find one that matches your child’s interests. Plus, a subscription is a gift that keeps on giving, as your child will receive new issues every month. You can recycle the old issues as the new one arrives. Who doesn’t love getting snail mail?

  • Tickets to The Movies

A movie ticket is a great option for an older child who can enjoy the experience alone or with a friend. Not only will they get to experience something special, but they can also create a treasured memory from the experience. This is a great option for family night as well.

People at movie theater
  • Laser Tag or Arcade Night

Laser tag and games at an arcade are exciting experiences for kids of any age. Not only will they get to have a great time, but they’ll also get to exercise their problem-solving skills and practice working as part of a team. It’s kind of a win-win!

  • A Gift Certificate to a Local Ice Cream Shop

Everyone loves going out for ice cream, and a gift certificate to a local ice cream shop will bring a smile to your child’s face. It’s a special treat to look forward to when the time is right.

Child holding ice cream cone
  • Bowling Night or Mini Golf

Bowling and mini golf are great activities for kids of all ages. It’s also a great way to bond with your child and have some quality time together.

  • Tickets to Sports Game

Tickets to a sporting event, whether it’s a local team or an international event, are exciting gifts for kids who love sports. Not only will they get to experience the game in person, but they’ll also make some great memories. Take some photos for the scrapbook!

sports game
  • Tickets to a Concert

Going to a concert or play is a great way for kids to experience something new and exciting. Make sure to pick an age-appropriate show that your child will enjoy. It can be a really fun experience for the parent as well.

  • Doodle Pads, Crayons, Paints, and Art Supplies

Encouraging creativity is a great way to help your child develop and grow. Doodle pads and art supplies are fun gifts that let kids express their creativity without taking up too much space in their room. Encourage your child to create things for family members that may live far away. Then, you can send them in the mail.

  • The Gift of Time

I know, it sounds cheesy. Spending quality time with your child is the best gift you can give them. Activities like baking, going to the park, or even just talking and listening are great ways to show your love and appreciation.

Kids and parent playing
  • Membership to an Online Community

Sometimes, kids need a safe place where they can express themselves and be part of a community. Consider buying them membership to an online community, like an art forum or gaming website. This way, they will always have someone to talk to who understands their interests.

  • A Streaming Service like Disney Plus

With streaming services like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, kids can have access to endless entertainment. Allowing them to explore different age-appropriate shows and movies is a great way to spark their curiosity and keep them entertained for hours.

  • Virtual Experiences

If you don’t have the means to bring them to a concert or museum, virtual experiences are the next best thing. Many organizations provide free online tours of their facilities, and many musicians are offering free live-streamed concerts for all ages.

  • Video Games

Video games can be a great way for kids to have fun and learn at the same time. Consider buying an age-appropriate game that they’ll enjoy playing with friends or family members. Some games are also good for improving problem-solving skills.

Playing video games
  • A Trip to an Amusement Park

When the time is right, a trip to a nearby amusement park is a great way to make memories with your child. Not only will they get to experience all the rides and attractions, but they can also enjoy delicious snacks and spend quality time with family. Just try not to get queasy on the rides.

Amusement park
  • A Visit to a Local Zoo

Going to the zoo is always a great experience. Kids can learn all about different animals, watch shows and presentations, and take part in interactive activities. Plus, they’ll get to see some of their favorite creatures up close and personal. How cool is that?

  • Bath bombs for kids

Bath bombs are a fun way to make baths extra special. Kids can enjoy fizzy, colorful bombs that come in all kinds of shapes and scents. They may even be inspired to create their own with the help of parents or guardians.

If you have any ideas for clutter-free gifts, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can add them to this list! More and more people are joining the minimalist movement and trying to cut down on the amount of things they have. I’m all for a cleaner home and less stuff!