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Drink Moment Beverage – Do They Satisfy? (Honest Review)

The non-alcoholic drink movement has taken the world by storm. I’ve had my eye out on a few different options for some time now. Sometimes, your seltzer and cranberry juice gets a bit old and want something with a bit more zing.

I was subscribed to the Drink Moment email list for a few months before I actually pulled the trigger and made the purchase. What really got me was their margarita mocktail recipe. I love margaritas, especially in the summer months! But, I wanted to try something that didn’t have any alcohol or high levels of sugar in it.

Drink Moment drink

So, I decided to purchase a variety pack of the Moment Botanical Beverages. This is my honest review of the product and all of the flavors. I noticed there weren’t many reviews online, so I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone.

This review is 100% unbiased and I have not been compensated in any way. I purchased these drinks and wanted to share my thoughts!

What exactly are the Drink Moment beverages?

These “botanical beverages” were featured on Shark Tank. I didn’t actually know this until after I purchased them! The drinks use natural adaptogens to promote a calm mood and help manage stress. Their whole motto is “Drink Your Meditation”.

Drink Moment drink ingredients

The beverages come in a variety of different flavors and also come in both sparkling and still varieties. All of the Moment beverages are free of caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Healthy botanicals like ginger, jasmine and hibiscus also add to the flavor of the drinks.

The company works with non-profit partners that support mental health as they expand. I like this initiative because it shows how serious the company is about helping people in need.

What are the adaptogens in Moment beverages?

Drink Moment drink

Adaptogens are natural ingredients found in plants and herbs that help your body adapt to stress. They help balance hormones (specifically cortisol which is directly connected to stress levels). You can kind of think of them as the opposite of sugar or caffeine. Instead of giving you a big jolt of energy, they bring about a feeling of calm and focused relaxation. Some of the adaptogens in the drinks include:

  • Ashwagandha – An herb of the nightshade family native to North Africa and India. It has been used for centuries to help reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • L-theanine – An amino acid found in green tea to help anxiety.
  • Chaga – A mushroom native to Northern Europe and Asia used for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Benefits of mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks over booze

Why bother reaching for a mocktail or non-alcoholic drink when the weekend rolls around? Besides the obvious health benefits, there are a lot of reasons you may want to go booze-free!

  • No nasty hangover – Feeling as though your whole day has been wasted because you… got wasted is no fun. When you go booze-free, you don’t have to worry about the whole next day being a wash.
  • Mental clarity – Have you ever tried to work or concentrate after a night of drinking? Or, tried to think straight after having a few drinks? Choosing a mocktail means you can think better on your feet (the day of, and the day after!).
  • Less embarrassment – Our judgement is impaired when we drink alcohol. When you choose a beverage that is booze-free, you’re less likely to make decisions you may regret.
  • More energy – Nothing zaps away your energy faster than booze, especially the next day. Moment drinks are free from alcohol so you don’t have to worry about feeling sluggish after drinking one.

So, how did the drinks taste?

Drink Moment drink

Let’s jump into the actual flavors! All of the drinks are really delicious, but I do have a few favorites.

If you’re looking to try the Moment beverages, I highly suggest getting a variety pack so you can try all the flavors. Then, you can decide which is your favorite if you choose to sign up for a subscription. I ordered the mixed 18 can pack. I tried both the still and sparkling varieties. I thought the flavors were all really tasty and a nice balance of tart and sweet!

  • Tulsi lemon – This flavor was my favorite and I actually added a bit of lime juice and had it over some ice. It’s a good base for a mocktail.
  • Blueberry ginger – A really nice balance of tart and sweet. Great for a summertime beverage.
  • Spiced mango – This was super flavorful and unique. Not my favorite, but I think it’s a good “fall” flavor.
  • Lychee mint – This was floral and minty, perfect for a day by the pool.
  • Lemon turmeric – I don’t love the flavor of turmeric but I didn’t notice it too much. Definitely a “bright” zingy flavor.
  • Cherry hibiscus – This had an intense flavor but I really liked it because I love cherries.

Did I feel any different after drinking them?

Yes, I definitely felt more relaxed. I don’t think the drinks are crazy high in adaptogens, so they didn’t have a huge effect on me, but I could definitely tell a difference. I think if you’re looking for an alternative to sugary or alcoholic drinks then this is the perfect solution.

Drink Moment cost and subscription

The cost for the variety pack I purchased was $45 with free shipping, which included 18 cans. I thought $2.50 per drink was an acceptable price, considering they are a bit of a treat and I’m not going to be drinking multiple throughout the day. And, when you think about the cost of an alcoholic mixed drink, it’s a lot less expensive. Spending less money on alcoholic beverages (and maybe stopping altogether) was one of my New Years resolutions.

You can also choose to sign up for a subscription which will bring your cost per can down, and be sure to check regularly for coupons and specials. The package came surprisingly fast which I was really happy about.

Drink Moment drink

My experience with Drink Moment

I was impressed by the natural ingredients in all of the drinks. The flavors were unique, but not overwhelming. I also liked that each flavor had its own unique blend of adaptogens to help promote a relaxed state. I could definitely tell when I drank them, as I felt a sense of calm wash over me.

There are definitely a lot of these natural zero-alcohol drinks popping up these days, but I think Drink Moment stands out from the rest with its combination of adaptogens and botanicals. I’ll be curious to try other brands in the future and see how they stand up. I have tried Curious Elixrs, and while they were tasty, I don’t think they were as cost-effective as Moment.

Overall, I highly recommend these drinks if you’re looking for a low-sugar, non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy during any occasion. They’re also nice and portable in their slim cans so you can bring them to a party or event. Or, if you’re rushing out the door and need something relaxing to-go, these are a nice option. I’m sure you’ll have a great time trying the different flavors they offer. I am hoping they start to offer these drinks in bars. It would be really nice to order a mocktail or booze-free beverage while out with friends.

Cheers to Drink Moment!