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Fruity Confetti Cupcakes (Using Nerds Candy)

I have loved nerds candy ever since I was a kid. I remember going to the store with my mom and begging her to buy me a pack. She would always relent, and I would be so excited to get my hands on those little sugar-coated gems. I would pour them into my mouth by the handful and savor every last one.

Fruity nerds confetti cupcakes
Fruity confetti cupcakes with nerds candy

Even now, as an adult, I still love nerds candy. They really are the perfect sweet! So, I decided to combined two of my favorite things (candy and cupcakes) for a birthday party. It’s true, I have a sweet tooth. I also have a thing for cupcakes that have a bit of crunch to them. These cupcakes are made with nerds candy on top, as well as in the batter, which gives them the perfect amount of crunch. With a light and fluffy cream cheese frosting, they’re sure to be a huge hit.

This is my version of “fruity confetti”. I know that’s not really a thing, but bear with me. I wanted to make something that was festive and colorful, and what’s more festive than birthday cake? I used a box mix for the cupcakes, but you could easily make them from scratch using your favorite recipe. The nerds candy is what really makes these cupcakes special.

Fruity nerds confetti cupcakes

I used the regular size nerds candy for this recipe, but you could definitely use the mini ones. I think they would be really cute and would add even more color to the cupcakes.

Tips for making the perfect fruity confetti cupcakes

  • Start with a good recipe or your favorite box mix – This may seem like a no-brainer, but using a quality cupcake recipe is the best place to start. There are tons of great recipes out there, so find one that you like and stick with it. If you have a favorite box mix, use what you like and have tried.
  • Let your oven finish preheating – I know it’s tempting to get your cupcakes right in the oven, but it’s important to let it preheat completely! Preheating your oven ensures that your cupcakes will cook evenly and rise properly.
  • Be careful not to overmix the batter. Overmixing can result in tough, dry cupcakes. When mixing the batter, mix just until the ingredients are combined.
  • Fill the cupcake liners properly. When filling the cupcake liners, make sure to fill them no more than two-thirds full. This will ensure that your cupcakes don’t overflow and end up with flat tops. Use an ice-cream scoop to keep the batter measured evenly.
  • Bake the cupcakes at the proper temperature. Again, this may seem like a small step, but it’s important. Baking the cupcakes at too high of a temperature can cause them to become dry and overcooked.
  • Let the cupcakes cool completely before frosting them. If you try to frost a warm cupcake, the frosting will melt and slide right off.
Fruity nerds confetti cupcakes

How long to cool cupcakes before frosting

Some people like to wait until their cupcakes are completely cooled before adding frosting, while others add it when the cupcakes are still warm. If you decide to add frosting while the cupcakes are still warm, be sure to spread it on thinly so that it doesn’t melt and run off the sides. Conversely, if you wait until the cupcakes are completely cooled (which I recommend), the frosting will be thicker. I like to beat the frosting a bit in a bowl to warm it up, and also leave it a warm spot in the kitchen while the cupcakes bake. Ultimately, it’s up to you when to add the frosting, but I like to wait till they are cool to the touch!

Fruity nerds confetti cupcakes

Can these cupcakes be made ahead of time?

Yes, you can make these cupcakes ahead of time! Just be sure to store them in an airtight container at room temperature. Cupcakes are best eaten within a day or two of being made, but will stay fresh for up to a week. I like to hold off on frosting and decorating the cupcakes until right before serving, so they look their absolute best.

Fruity nerds confetti cupcakes
Fruity nerds confetti cupcakes

Fruity Confetti Cupcakes (With Nerds Candy)

Fruity confetti cupcakes made with nerds candy for a fruity crunch
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 25 mins
Course Dessert
Servings 14



  • 5 oz Rainbow Nerds 1 box
  • 1 box White cake mix

Cream cheese frosting

  • 8 oz Cream cheese softened
  • 2 tbsp Butter softened
  • 4 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Milk
  • 5 oz Rainbox Nerds 1 box


  • Prepare the cake mix as indicated on the box. Then, add the nerds candy and mix well.
  • Scoop the batter evenly into prepared cupcake liners and bake according to box instructions.
  • For the frosting, beat together the cream cheese, butter and powdered icing sugar until smooth. Then, add the nerds candy. Beat to incorporate, then add the milk as needed to thin out frosting to your desired consistency.


You can use store-bought frosting as well if you are short on time or looking to keep things simple!
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