Might Be In Over My Head…Maybe?

Holiday Decorating

Its been busy around here. Serar’s Christmas party was this last weekend. Making candy for presents with lots and lots of unusual mishaps. My mom’s house finally closed (that’s a story for the record books and perhaps a future post…ugh!) Just to name a few. But we have also been finishing some last minute details to make Kate… Continue reading

So as I mentioned last year in my post on the Acorn Ball Ornament, this year I would be doing a more rustic themed (although it must be elegant too) Christmas decorating. In fact, I’ve been working on it most of the year. Seeing as how Southern California is know for palm trees, not pine trees, its taken about… Continue reading

As much fun as I had decorating my dining room with my version of a classic macabre scary vignette, I equally enjoyed decorating the rest of the home. I work hard to use what I have in interesting ways while adding to my stash of décor each year with a little bit more that I can find on my… Continue reading

With the plan in place and the invitations sent, its time to focus on the atmosphere and creating the feel for your party. Most people decorate for Christmas and this is not a post on how to decorate your house but rather things to consider when decorating if you are also going to be hosting parties this year. A house… Continue reading

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